The year had many highlights for me. We hosted two of the country’s political leaders, James Shaw of the Green Party and Bill English, the Prime Minister at the time.

Our profile has been lifted this year with many successful events and luncheons. Hosted with BNZ, we heard from Richard Peebles on future developments of the city. Very recently we’ve had a great event celebrating the Melbourne Cup, A great success very well supported by the Canterbury Club.

This year we’ve welcomed a great number of new members. Our membership base is growing in size and diversity. With male and female members ranging from mid-twenties to early nineties. Our new members have come from many avenues, such as our website, our social media but mostly, from our happy engaged members inviting their friends.

And that brings me along to what I feel is so important about this club, the education we get from our outstanding speakers and the comradery among our membership. Whether they’ve been coming along for 40 years or even if they’ve just joined the club. This is such an inclusive group of business people.

I’m incredibly grateful for the excellent strategic work that Chris did before me and I look forward to where Michael takes the club over the next year. My goal was simple, to be able to bolster the numbers of the club by adding quality people with long term potential to the membership.

With great sadness, we did unfortunately lose two incredibly valued members of our club this year, Trevor Smith and Murray Winder. I feel I owe a lot to Murray especially as he taught me so much that was needed in this role.

All in all, this has been an excellent year for the club and for myself. We’ve got great numbers and a great atmosphere at our meetings. Onwards and upwards.


Ric Thorpe