Christchurch Business Club Membership Criteria

1. Applicants for membership of the Christchurch Businessmen’s club must be respected by and be of good standing in the business community, be in business on their own account, directors or senior executives of substantial companies, professionally qualified practitioners in business-related professional services practices, substantial business investor/developers or be involved in a business activity that, in the opinion of the club committee, qualifies them for admission to membership of the club. Retirees are not eligible to apply for membership, however retirees may retain their membership after retirement, but shall not be eligible for nomination to club office.

2. Prospective members must apply for membership, in writing, and present a reference, preferably from a member, in support of their membership application. The secretary shall verify and check all references. First and second nominations from existing members are not required.

3. The names of all applicants are to be read out at at least 3 luncheon meetings during the 10 weeks following an application being received by the secretary, who shall invite members to notify him/her if they have any objection to the applicant being admitted as a member. In the event of such an objection being received, the application shall be referred to the committee for its consideration. The committee shall be empowered to decline any membership application without having to supply a reason for doing so.

4. The prospective member shall be required to attend at least 3 luncheons within 16 weeks of the application being lodged. Subject to no objection to admission being received during this time, and the probationary attendance requirement having been met, the applicant shall be admitted to membership after receiving the formal approval of the committee. Formal approval may be given by the committee members via email notification to the secretary.

5. Prospective members shall be required to pay their own luncheon fees for attendance at club luncheons.

6. Upon admission to membership, new members shall be formally introduced to the club by the President, at a luncheon, and invited to introduce themselves to the club members.

Membership Fee: $120 per year.

I hereby make application for admission as a member of the Christchurch Business Club, and, if accepted, agree to abide by the Rules and Constitution governing the Club.

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