Secretary & Digital Communications Officer

Peter McKaskell

Peter McKaskell, adventurer, explorer, raconteur was born and raised in Christchurch. Having been trained by the Lands & Survey Department, he spent two years exploring and surveying the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia followed by five years training indigenous survey teams to explore and map the jungles of Southern Borneo and the New Guinea lowlands. After a year’s intensive training in oilwell management he worked as an oilwell engineer practicing oil well management in Malaysia, Indonesia, New Guinea, Seychelles and Japan. Returning to Christchurch in 1980, Peter with his wife Judith, began a plastics manufacturing business, designing and marketing the first NZ microwave cookware range under the Microtrend brand, which is still around today. Having discovered his love for sales and marketing, Peter has spent the past 36 years promoting various product ranges and establishing those brands in their respective markets. For the last 10 years he has focused on Internet marketing concepts through his company Amazing Marketing Ltd as well as running a security consultancy business. He heads up Investor Insight, which organizes investment seminars for high net worth investors. If he has any spare time you will find him stalking trout in the high country lakes or chasing the elusive salmon up the Canterbury rivers.