Committee for Canterbury

The Committee for Canterbury is an independent and apolitical trust, dedicated to the future prosperity of the Canterbury region. With a membership base spread equally across community and business, the Committee is focused on supporting long-term projects, driven by research and evidence, which enhance outcomes for Canterbury. 

We are committed to supporting both projects that result in better social, economic, environmental and cultural outcomes for Canterbury and to providing our members with opportunities to make a positive contribution to the wellbeing and prosperity of all Cantabrians. We are also passionate about the next generation of leadership: which has driven the establishment and creation of the Future Canterbury Leadership Program. 

Canterbury Development Corporation

The Canterbury Development Corporation (CDC) has been around since 1983, one of the longest serving economic development agencies in New Zealand. It is mandated by Christchurch City Council (CCC) to deliver economic development for the city. They provide business growth services, facilitate sector development projects, support innovation and help business start-ups.

They develop and monitor the Christchurch Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), implement some CEDS projects and operate a knowledge bank specialising in economics, infrastructure and workforce.

They are willing to give Christchurch Business Club members any assistance and support required in areas that fit their criteria. They have many resources available for businesses. Please visit their website to see how they can help you:

Investor Insight

Investor Insight is a group for investors, ranging from the novice through to professional investors, who meet about five times a year to hear a prominent commentator from the financial industry. Topics vary from local market information to the financial markets worldwide and include forex and commodities as well as share market commentary. It is a social group who meet at the Canterbury Club for a relaxed dinner where they can network with other investors to explore concepts and ideas.

Members of the Christchurch Business Club have been invited to join these meetings and will receive an invitation when a meeting is being arranged.