11th June 2018
CBC Keynote Speaker

David Henderson

Dave Henderson is a local entrepreneur and property developer.
Over the last 40 years he has developed and built built many buildings through New Zealand and saved and restored many heritage buildings in Christchurch. In the mid 2000’s he developed a group of heritage buildings into the hospitality and office district known as SOL Square.
He is, however, probably best known for a very high profile scrap with the IRD in the late nineties which resulted in the IRD bankrupting him over a false debt and then eventually reversing that debt and apologising to him. He came back from that to acquire their South Island Head Office building in 2002 and renaming it Henderson House. He declined to renew their lease in 2006 and converted that building into the very successful Hotel SO.
He wrote a best selling book: Be Very Afraid, about his IRD experiences, and this was turned into a movie in 2007 by South Pacific Pictures called We’re Here To Help.
In 2010 he succumbed to the effect of the Global Financial Crash and was again bankrupted as a consequence of personal guarantees across a number of developments. His travails with the State and in particular the IRD continue.
However, the buildings at SOL Square survived and he he is now back rebuilding that district and working on other developments in Queenstown.

Time: 12:30 pm, Monday 11th June 2018.

Keynote Topic: The Business of the Revitalisation of the CBD

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