Connecting business leaders in Christchurch and Canterbury

Past Monday Luncheon Speakers 2022

Speaker: Ms Dawn Baxendale

Position: Chief Executive Christchurch City Council

Date: Monday, 24th January 2022

Keynote Topic: How the Christchurch City Council will look forward to navigate 2022 for the citizens of Christchurch in a Covid environment 

Speaker: Mr Darin Rainbird 

Position: Christchurch  Businessman

Date: Monday, 21st February 2022

Keynote Topic: Revitalising a heritage-listed Christchurch Landmark ” The Old Chief Post Office”  

Speaker: Mr Phil Mauger

Position: Christchurch Businessman, current  CCC Councillor and Mayoral hopeful

Date: Monday, 21st March 2022

Keynote Topic: Christchurch Going Forward in a Time of Challenges and Change

Speaker: Mr Mark Stewart MNZM

Position: Christchurch Businessman, who specialises in organisational change and governance

Date: Monday, 4th April 2022

Keynote Topic: Christchurch Businessman who specialises in organisational change and governance


Speaker: Mr Guy Stewart 

Position: CEO  Skope Industries Ltd  

Date: Monday, 2nd May 2022

Keynote Topic: Growth of Skope Industries through the current Global challenges 


Speaker: Mr Steve Clarke

Position: GM of Tiaki Properties  

Date: Monday, 16th May 2022

Keynote Topic: The transformational nature of education and the social and economic benefits of the sector to our region 


Speaker: Spokesperson from Antarctica New Zealand 

Position: Antarctica New Zealand    

Date: Monday, 30th May 2022

Keynote Topic: Antarctica New Zealand’s presentation on the new Scott Base


Speaker: Mr John McWhirter 

Position: Wools of New Zealand     

Date: Monday, 13th June 2022

Keynote Topic: Strong Wool the rural backbone of New Zealand and its emerging renaissance where carpets and rugs don’t cost the earth.


Speaker: Luke Campbell -CBC Business Development Recipient

Position: Co-founder & CEO of Vxt,  

Date: Monday, 27th June 2022

Keynote Topic: Start-ups and Innovation the way of the future


Speaker: Francesca Eathorne

Position: Chief Operations Officer, Antarctica Heritage Trust  

Date: Monday, 11th July 2022

Keynote Topic: Antarctic Heritage Trust is a New Zealand-based charity with a vision of inspiring explorers 


Speaker: Greg Harford

Position: Chief Executive  Retail NZ  

Date: Monday, 27th July 2022

Keynote Topic: Retail and Covid survival of the fittest and those able to pivot 


Speaker: Dr Zsolt Hetesy 

Position: Ambassador of Hungary to New Zealand  

Date: Monday, 8th August 2022

Keynote Topic: Challenges and opportunities in Europe: The Hungarian perspective and opportunities for trade between New Zealand 


Speaker: Christopher Boyle

Position: Managing Director of Fabrum  

Date: Monday, 22nd August 2022

Keynote Topic: An emerging force in cryogenic technologies and hydrogen fuels for transport on Earth and beyond.


Speaker: Matt Spehr

Position: the Head of the NZ Dealing Desk, Convera (Formerly Western Union Business Solutions) 

Date: Monday 5th September 2022

Keynote Topic: The Changing face of Commerce


Speaker:  David Meates

Position: Mayoral Candidate For Christchurch City 2022 Local Body Elections  

Date: Monday, 19th September 2022

Keynote Topic: The 7 Pillar Policies for Christchurch City



Speaker: Ms Teresa Moore

Position: CEO of The Recruitment Network 

Date: Monday, 17th October  2022

Keynote Topic: Recruiting the right people when there is a labour shortage, the challenges facing employers 


Speaker: Carl Davidson  

Position: Founder, and Chief Social Scientist  

Date: Monday, 31st October  2022

Keynote Topic: Christchurch and the wider Canterbury goes forward, evidence-based information and insights.


Speaker: Allison Adams

Position: CEO of  ChristchurchNZ 

Date: Monday, 28th November  2022

Keynote Topic: ChristchurchNZ focusing on Our City and the way forward



Speaker: Gareth O’Connor  

Position: CEO of Director Harvey Cameron 

Date: Monday, 12th December 2022

Keynote Topic: Looking ahead to 2023 –  what to think hard about over the holidays