Connecting business leaders in Christchurch and Canterbury

About CBC

The Christchurch Business Club (CBC) was founded in 1931 when a handful of businessmen got together over lunch. It was to become a regular event.

At this time the country was in the grip of deep depression and business owners were finding the going tough. The businessmen who attended the first meeting agreed the purpose was one of furthering the mutual interests of business houses by the formation of a social club in Christchurch upon similar lines to the Auckland Credit Club.

At the outset it was stressed that it was not to be a “service” club – it was strictly to be a club where members could meet together in a friendly atmosphere and discuss the topics of the day. Those aims remain true today and at the Christchurch Business Club you can meet with your peers in an environment where professional relationships can grow, and where business gets done. As friendships and business relationships develop so does the strength of the Club. Membership today consists of a talented mix of young entrepreneurs, established, and retired business leaders.

The Club was originally founded as The Christchurch Creditmen’s Social Club, became the Christchurch Businessmen’s Club in 1932 when a formal charter was drawn up, and was renamed the Christchurch Business Club in 2015. Since formation there have been over 800 members of the Club, and counted among them are many of Christchurch’s most prominent business leaders of the past 85 years.

Throughout that period, the Club has facilitated an informative luncheon speaker program where invited guests enlighten the members with a broad range of relevant and informative topics. These luncheons are supplemented by other special, social, and sporting events throughout the course of the year.

True to a long-standing tradition of over nine decades of business networking facilitation, the Christchurch Business Club continues to promote it’s outstanding and well-attended speaker functions for members and their guests: bi-weekly luncheons held at the Canterbury Club and quarterly evening cocktail events at venues around the city. In addition the Club hosts a series of special events for members throughout the year: high-profile speaker engagements, business and infrastructure hosted site-visits, cultural/theatrical, and sporting events.