Connecting business leaders in Christchurch and Canterbury

Become a member of the Christchurch Business Club

The Christchurch Business Club welcomes new members to join us, and enjoy the relaxed style of supportive collegiate networking.

Other benefits include

  • Access to presentations by high profile individuals from the fields of business, politics, the public sector, charities and sport at our luncheon Series
  • Opportunity for Q&A with guest speakers.
  • Dine with fellow members and invite guests to join you at our fortnightly Monday luncheon.
  • Opportunity to speak in our Forum section at our meetings
  • Complimentary invitation to the new members welcome to the Christchurch Business Club after 5pm
  • Opportunity to attend our social events and after 5pm Professional Business programme at our group discount
  • Over time potentially develop either personal friendships or business relationships with like-minded established business professionals with shared values.


Understanding the Christchurch Business Club Ethos

At the Christchurch Business Club, we are reminded of the following

  • This business club has survived through the strength and comradeship of its membership base over the decades.
  • Good business is founded on good relationships, one of the cornerstones of the Christchurch Business Club and these relationships take time to build.

How to apply for membership


Prospective members can request an application form from the club secretary and present a reference, preferably from a member, in support of their membership application.

It is anticipated a potential member will attend three luncheons prior to making an application before for membership. 

Applicants for membership of the Christchurch Business Club must be of good standing in the business community, in business on their own account, or employed as senior executives, or active company directors, professionally qualified practitioners in business-related professional services, substantial business investors/developers or be involved in a business activity that, in the opinion of the club committee, qualifies them for membership. Retirees who do not meet these criteria are ineligible; however, members who become retirees may retain club membership.

There is no age limit. The club has male and female members.