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Monday 2nd October

Our speaker is Mat Charles 
Founder of Boxman

Monday Luncheon Series 

2nd October 2023

 This is your opportunity to come and hear

Mat Charles  
Founder of Boxman

his chosen topic is 


Don’t be boxed in by your business plan 

“I’m a naturally inquisitive person, and if something interests me then it doesn’t take long for that interest to morph into ideas that may or may not translate into business concepts – that seems to be a common trait among entrepreneurs!

“Boxman isn’t my only business, I have a software development company and a commercial recording studio, both of which came about after experiencing something and deciding I could do that a bit differently, and hopefully better.

“The Icehouse Owner Manager Programme experience helped me shape the business I wanted to have and want it to be.

“A big takeaway was about learning to give up control in the right areas – working on the business rather than in it . . . it gave me the tools to turn those thoughts into positive actions.

“What I learned going through the 2009 GFC, is that mistakes happen. Analyse the logic and decision-making that led to the mistakes, and the consequences, but don’t sweat on it. Take the lessons and move on quickly. It’s an approach we take at Boxman from the top to the bottom.”

The venue for our Monday Luncheon series is The Canterbury Club unless otherwise advised. We ask members and guests to respect the Canterbury Club.

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Definitely interested in joining the group. I was extremely impressed.-  Jason P

I can definitely see that joining the Christchurch Business Club will be a sound investment in knowledge, networks and friendships, and also a chance to contribute back into the club in the future-  Phil S

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