Connecting business leaders in Christchurch and Canterbury

Monday Luncheon Speakers from 2019

Speaker: Her Worship the Mayor Lianne Dalziel

Position: Christchurch City Mayor

Date: Monday 28 January 2019.

Keynote Topic: ‘ The business of running Christchurch City”

Speaker:  John McWinter 

Position: CEO  Hellers Group

Date: Monday 11 February 2019.

Keynote Topic: ‘The Business of  Growing the Small Goods Industry”

Speaker:  Gary Diack

Position: Cheif Executive, Tait Communications 

Date: Monday  25 February 2019.

Keynote Topic: ‘The Business Of Hi-Tech under New Management and  Interesting Times ’

Speaker: Sam McIvor 

Position: CEO of NZ Beef & Lamb

Date: Monday 11 March 2019.

Keynote Topic: ‘The Business of Implementing a New Brand Strategy’ 

Speaker: Blake Lepper

Position: Commerical Director Regenerate Christchurch 

Date: Monday 25 March 2019.

Keynote Topic: ‘The Business of Implementing the City Plan’

Speaker: Ben Reid

Date: Monday 8 April 2019.

Position: Executive Director of AI Forum NZ

Keynote Topic: ‘Where is Artificial Intelligence taking us?’

Speaker: Tony Groves 

Date: Monday  29 April 2019.

Position: Director: Halo Training Ltd

Keynote Topic: Battlefield Strategy for Business Leaders

Speaker: Keith Beal 

Date: Monday  13th May 2019.

Position: Director: General Manager Property and Operations Group, at Otakaro Ltd.

Keynote Topic: Update us on the state entity’s major project portfolio’

Speaker: Consul General Wang Zhijian 

Date: Monday  27th May 2019.

Position: Consul General for the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China based in Christchurch

Keynote Topic: Creating a win-win collaboration for New Zealand and China

Speaker: Mr Steven Dooley 

Date: Monday  10th  June 2019.

Position: Currency Strategist – APAC for Western Union Business Solutions

Keynote Topic:  How to cope in a Volatile Market

Speaker: Mr Bob Mangan  

Date: Monday  24th  June 2019.

Position: Chief Executive of the Issac Theatre Royal

Keynote Topic:  How  the Issac Theatre Royal plans to meet the challenges and opportunities of the  future

Speaker: Mr Paul Lonsdale  

Date: Monday  8th July 2019.

Position: Managing Director of Mainstreet Management 

Keynote Topic: Businesses Surviving in Christchurch’s New CBD  

Speaker: Ms Amy Carter   

Date: Monday  22nd July 2019.

Position: CEO The Christchurch Foundation

Keynote Topic:  The Business of the Christchurch Foundation  

Speaker: Mr Paul Goldsmith  

Date: Friday 26th  July 2019.

Position: National Party’s spokesmen for Finance and Infrastructure

Keynote Topic: A Fresh Perspective On Business and the Economy  

Speaker: Professor Cheryl De la Rey  

Date: Monday 12th August 2019.

Position: Vice-Chancellor of the University of Canterbury

Keynote Topic: The Business of Canterbury University 

Speaker: Oliviah Theyers- Collins  

Date:  Monday 26th August 2019.

Position: xStart programme manager at the UC Centre

Keynote Topic: Entrepreneurship, at the University of Canterbury.

Speaker: Darryl Park  

Date:  Monday 9th September  2019.

Position: Christchurch Mayoral Candidate – Independent

Keynote Topic: Why Stand For Mayor As An Independent/

Speaker: Chris MacKenzie  

Date:  Monday 23th September  2019.

Position: CEO of Development West Coast

Keynote Topic: Business Opportunities in Westland

Speaker: Simon Duncan  

Date:  Monday 7th  October  2019.

Position: Group  General  Manager  GCH Aviation

Keynote Topic: Business Opportunities up in the in Westland

Speaker: Chris Baker   

Date:  Monday 21st October 2019

Position: CEO of  Straterra Inc Ltd

Keynote Topic: “Golds reawakening as a wealth source”

Speaker: Sir Richard Hadlee   

Date:  Monday 4th November 2019

Position: International Cricket Ambassador

Keynote Topic: “Lighting up Hagley Oval”

Spoke in Conjunction with Mr Lee Robinson

Speaker: Mr Lee Robinson    

Date:  Monday 4th November 2019

Position: Chair of the Canterbury Cricket Trust

Keynote Topic: “Lighting up Hagley Oval”

Spoke in Conjunction with Sir Richard Hadlee

Speaker: Mr Todd Hunter    

Date:  Monday 18th November 2019

Position: Cheif Executive of NZX Turners Automotive

Keynote Topic: “The changing way we drive  and purchase cars”