Connecting business leaders in Christchurch and Canterbury

Monday Luncheon Speakers from 2021

Speaker: Dawn Baxendale

Position: Christchurch City Council Cheif Executive

Date: Monday 25 January 2021.

Keynote Topic: ‘ The business of running Christchurch City”

Speaker:  Imre Speizer 

Position: Senior Market Strategist for Westpac who specialises in researching New Zealand’s currency and interest rate markets.

Date: Monday 22 February 2021.

Keynote Topic: ‘‘Big Issues Before Business’

Speaker:  Mr Ross Steele 

Position: General Manager, Te Pae Christchurch 

Date: Monday  3 March 2021.

Keynote Topic: ‘Te Pae the Christchurch Convention Centre how it will add value to Christchurch City, the Canterbury Region and the South Island’

Speaker: Mr Richard Rookes 

Position: CEO of MHM Automation (formerly Mercer Group)

Date: Monday 22nd March 2021.

Keynote Topic: ‘Transitioning an engineering firm to a global exporter of robotics and a technology-led future  ’

Speaker: Mr Mike Pero 

Position: CEO and Well-known Entrepreneurial Businessman 

Date: Monday 19th April  2021.

Keynote Topic: ‘Come Fly with Me and Are You Good Enough to be New Zealand’s First Apprentice or Will You Be Fired ’

Speaker: Ms Charlotte Walshe 

Position: CEO of Jade Software Corporation

Date: Monday 3rd May 2021

Keynote Topic: ‘Jade Software’s philosophy where they believe anything’s possible when you combine the power of people, data, and software”

Speaker: Sir Bob Charles  

Position: International Golfing Superstar and Living Legend

Date: Monday 17th May 2021

Keynote Topic: How to meld stardom in world sport with success in business by remaining positive in the mind.

Speaker: Mr Reon Edwards  

Position: Director, New Zealand, for the global freight forwarding group DB Schenker

Date: Monday 31st May 2021

Keynote Topic: ‘Freight riding through May madness”

Speaker: Mr Roger Gray   

Position:  CEO  of the Lyttleton Port Company 

Date: Monday 14th June 2021

Keynote Topic: ‘Super Port of the South “

Speaker: Mr Brett Anderson  

Position: Chief Executive of Christchurch Casino 

Date: Monday 28th June 2021

Keynote Topic: ‘A Survival Strategy in Critical Times”

Speaker: Mr Steve Anderson  

Position: Chief Executive of Foodstuffs South Island 

Date: Monday 12th July 2021

Keynote Topic: ‘Keeping The Grocery Lines Open In Interesting Times “

Speaker: Mr Mark Rocket  

Position: CEO Kea Aerospace, and President of Christchurch Aerospace 

Date: Monday 26th July 2021

Keynote Topic: ‘Can you fly me to the Moon”

Speaker: Mr Kevin Covert  

Position: US Embassy Charge d’affaires

Date: Monday 9th August 2021

Keynote Topic: ‘The American Reset and Recovery”

Speaker: Ms Nichola Grigg  

Position: Elected National MP for Selwyn 

Date: Monday 20th September 2021

Keynote Topic: ‘Why Selwyn is a high-growth economic success”

Speaker: Mr Miles Dalton 

Position: Business Support Manager for Enterprise North Canterbury

Date: Monday 4th October 2021

Keynote Topic: ‘The present business climate in fast-growing Waimakariri District and a slate of business projects under way or upcoming  

Speaker: Mr Jordan Mauger   

Position: CEO Temple Film Studios pace 

Date: Monday 18th October 2021

Keynote Topic: ‘Ready Camera, Action, bringing Hollywood to Canterbury “

Speaker: Ms Lynn Anderson   

Position: CEO Orana Wildlife Park 

Date: Monday 1st November 2021

Keynote Topic: ‘The business of running a wildlife park in testing times and the importance of animal conservation”

Speaker: Mr Nigel Babbage   

Position: Board of Directors of the New Zealand Stock Exchange   

Date: Monday 15th November 2021

Keynote Topic: ‘The currency market and the New York Connection”

Speaker: Mr Max Fergusson   

Position: Founder and Chief Executive Lumin PDF 

Date: Monday 29th November 2021

Keynote Topic: ‘The future of cloud-based software”

Speaker: Mr Paul Lonsdale    

Position: Chair of the Central City Business Association.

Date: Monday 14th December 2021

Keynote Topic: ‘Retail in Canterbury all masked up for 2022″